XENOKORP to release INHUME's "Decomposing from Inside" on vinyl for the first time ever!

XENOKORP to release INHUME’s “Decomposing from Inside” on vinyl for the first time ever!

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The Xeno-Korporation is proud to announce your specie will soon suffer a full-on assault of dark bio-weaponry that will not only leave your weak innards rot, but, let’s put it straight, bury your so-called civilisation six feet deep with the reissue of INHUME‘s debut full-length, “Decomposing from Inside“, on vinyl for the first time ever!

Originally released in 2000 through cult French powerhouse Bones Brigade records, the twin-headed beast will rise again on January 19th, 2018 as a 300 hand-numbered copies limited edition first print 12” LP, specifically remastered for vinyl at renown Conkrete studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, PUTRID OFFAL…) and featuring not only bonus REGURGITATE and REPULSION cover versions, but also the INHUME story 1994-2001 by journalist Joe DENBY of BRUTALISM.com with founding member Loek PEETERS, guitarist Ben JANSSEN.

Featuring past and present members of acts such ASPHYX, SINISTER, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, GOD DETHRONED and more, produced by Erwin HERMSEN of MANGLED at TONESHED studio (CIRITH GORGOR, BILE, HADES ALMIGHTY…) and originally mastered by Willem STEENTJES at STONESOUND studio (MERCYFUL FATE, GOREFEST, SORTILEGE…), training their rotten material since years on European stages and rehearsing it since more than five years with their, by then, quite rare line-up featuring two vocalists, it was pretty sure INHUME were heading for success with the release of “Decomposing from Inside” nearly 18 years ago and, even to this day, the album remains relevant in all aspects and hardly matched in terms of intensity.

Preorders will start October 16th, 2017 at the XENOKORP Store. Get ready for a new attack in our neverending Xeno-biological war against everything human!


INHUME "Decomposing from Inside" [XKR010]

“Dead Man Walking” Full Track Stream

Track List

  1. Gargling Guts
  2. Squirming Parasites
  3. Human Fucking Guinea Pig
  4. Schizophrenic Pulp
  5. Unforseen Annihilation
  6. Forbidden Hunger
  7. Airplane Crash
  8. Splenetic Views
  9. Blood, Sperm, Shit
  10. Tiamat
  11. Meatcleaver
  12. Tumorhead
  13. Four Months Below
  14. Inescapable Destiny
  15. Regressive Progression
  16. The Misssing Limb
  17. Dead Man Walking
  18. Destructive Impulse
  19. Invisible Death
  20. Genital Cancer [bonus REGURGITATE cover]
  21. Acid Bath [bonus REPULSION cover]
  • Total Running Time: 37:05

Line Up

  • Joost Silvrants – Vocals
  • Johan Dirkx – Vocals
  • Harold Gielen – Guitars
  • Ben Janssen – Guitars
  • Loek Peeters – Bass
  • Roel Sanders – Drums


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