1. SKINNED “As Their Bodies Fall” [Lyrics Video]

  2. OTARGOS “Stygian Metamorphosis” [Official Live Music Video]

  3. SKINNED “We Are the End”

  4. MITHRIDATIC “He Who Lies Underneath”

  5. PUTRID OFFAL “Purulent Cold” [live]

  6. MERCYLESS “A Representation of Darkness”

  7. OTARGOS “Human Terminate”

  8. OTARGOS “Chariots ov the Godz”

  9. OTARGOS “Human Terminate” [drumcam @ KaotoxinFest#II]

  10. DEHUMAN “Crypts of Blood”

  11. NEPHREN-KA “Praise Shai-Hulud” [lyrics video]

  12. SAVAGE ANNIHILATION “Les catacombes de l’abomination [part I]”

  13. AD PATRES “Scorn Aesthetics”

  14. AD PATRES “Scars of Compromise”

  15. AD PATRES “Circles of Red” [live]

  16. VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC “Embryo Orgasm”

  17. DEHUMAN “Cast of Assassination”