The XENOKORP Militia Series

Because we firmly believe our mission as a records label is not only to unleash killer releases by confirmed artists of deluxe reissues of past gems but also to help young talents kickstart their career…

Because we think that throughout the past two decades decades the “scene” spirit got a bit lost somehow with the rise of the more solitary online “release” of demos, singles and EPs and we all lack the networking and mutual support of the good ol’ “tape-trading scene” of the 80’s…

Because we were the kids buying debut singles and EPs by then unknown artists and labels in the late 80’s / early 90’s like the ones by BEHEMOTH, DISEMBOWELMENT, DYING FETUS, HYPOCRISY, NECROPHOBIC and many more released by the likes of RELAPSE or WILD RAGS among others…

…We created the XENOKORP Militia Series with support by our partners 8 Merch and French Metal!

What is it?

It’s basically 500 hand-numbered copies limited edition first print cardboard CD singles with inserts sold at 1.99 € and based on a “queue” system.

We sell them cheap as an incentive for the XENOKORP Store customers to give them a try and support newcomers but we definitely aim for the same quality standards as our “regular” releases and reissues with quality packaging and studio recordings exclusively.

The “queue” system is that we will only release the next iteration when half of the copies of the previous one will be gone so the artists in the waiting list and their fans have to support the current releases in order to get theirs out faster is they wish, thus helping artists networking and get mutual support and their fans discovering other artists as well.

Who can submit material for it?

Wanna join? Please read!

XENOKORP is all about Death Metal, even though as considered as a whole, which means from Thrash / Death to Goregrind, from Blackened Death Metal to Funeral Death / Doom, etc. so if you don’t fit in this musical spectrum, well… sorry.

The XENOKORP Militia Series is about EP’s which means the material you submit shouldn’t be longer than 23 minutes and exceed a total of 5 songs (but it can feature cover versions, remixes, whatever you think would be interesting) and we’re exclusively talking about studio recordings: no rehearsal, no live recordings.

In order to make sure quantity matches quality and vice-versa and our customers, your future fans, get value for their hard-earned money, we will NOT consider material with a total running time shorter than 10 to 12 minutes.

Now, if you comply to all of the above and you want to pin your logo along the ones of renowned artists on our website and kickstart your carreer, just drop us a line at info@xenokorp.com submitting the entirety of the below check list:

  • The whole recording you want to submit as 16 bits 44.1 kHz stereo WAV files (one per song),
  • The front artwork you wish to use,
  • Detailed yet QUICK biography (we don’t care “Jim” played bass in the band for two days or Uncle Bob cooked pasta for you at your first gig, right?) as either a TXT or DOC file.

Send all material as either WeTransfer or DropBox downloads. No other transfer mean (gDrive, iCloud, OneDrive, eMail, Torrent…).

And then?

If we think the material you sent can match our artistic vision and the quality we’re aiming for, we’ll get back to you with a contract, the same contract than for any band of the Militia Series.

Once you’ll return the contract signed along with the necessary material we will need by then (layout files, ie), we’ll give you either a release date and / or your position on the queue, so you know whose releases you will actually have to support in order for YOUR release to arrive faster: it’s a team work ; a community effort before all.

Let’s get in touch or post a comment below if you have furthermore questions.

Who are our partners?

  • FRENCH METAL: one of the largest webzines from France. They will support the Militia Series with reviews, interviews, exclusives, giveaways and features depending on how much they like your release,
  • 8 MERCH: our long-time partner for CD, vinyl, cassettes and merchandise manufacturing. They’re professional, affordable and reliable. Check ’em out!