115 (!) song / 70 minutes discography compilation of all of the songs recorded by cult Swedish Grinders RETALIATION (feat. past and current members of NASUM, REGURGITATE, SAYYADINA, VICTIMS…) during their first 14 years of existence, including their part of their splits with CSSO, EXHUMED, GUT, THE KILL, NASUM, VIVISECTION, compilation tracks from “Really Fast, vol.9” and their two first classic albums “The Execution” (1999) and “Violence Spreads Its Drape” (2002) as well as the “Boredom and Frustration” (2001) and “Devastating Doctrine Dismemberment” (1999) demos. Pure unadulterated Swedish Grindcore insanity of the highest level. Devastating, hammering and relentless: these are proper words to describe the sound of RETALIATION.

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