After nearly 20 years of silence, PUTRID OFFAL decided to re-write and re-record their whole 90’s back-catalogue just for the fun of it but the result turned out so… brutal… they decided to give a full-length a try but, while preparing for the release of this beast of seminal gory Death / Grind / Goregrind that became “Mature Necropsy” (2015, Kaotoxin), they released a first single, “Suffering” (2014, Kaotoxin) that would showcase the band’s past, present and future with three versions of the title track (1991, 2013 demo version, 2014 album version for the past and present) and a previously unreleased track, exclusive to this EP, the first new PUTRID OFFAL original in 20 years, “Livor Mortis“, that defines the band’s direction with its future second full-length.

Suffering” got released as a collector “vinyl replica” CD single limited to 100 copies and it’s sold-out ever since its original release yet the digital version remains to dissect your defenseless corpse second after second and let you … suffer!

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