PUTRID OFFAL “Mature Necropsy” Digi-CD / 2x Digi-CD

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The Item

Either 500 copies limited edition double DigiPak CD with “Premature Necropsy” as bonus CD or 500 copies limited edition reprint without the bonus album. Both coming as 3 flaps / 6 panels DigiSleeve CDs on 350g cardboard with matt lamination and 12 pages booklet on 170g glossy paper (two booklets for the double CD version). Includes digital download version.

The Album

PUTRID OFFAL‘s “Mature Necropsy” DigiSleeve CD version limited to 500 copies including two bonus cover versions (S.O.D. and NERVE). Second and last print through KAOTOXIN Records.

Produced in 2014 at the PSYKRON studio (MERCYLESS…) and mastered at the CONKRETE studio (ANATA, DEFEATED SANITY, INHUME…), “Mature Necropsy“,  is the first PUTRID OFFAL full-length since their inception in 1991, featuring all of their 90’s-written material completely re-recorded and with special guest vocals by Stéphane BURIEZ, iconic founder and guitarist / singer of French legendary Death Metal band LOUDBLAST.

A monument of old-school gory Death / Grind for fans of early CARCASS, DEAD INFECTION, GENERAL SURGERY, HAEMORRHAGE and the likes.

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