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MITHRIDATIC “Miserable Miracle” CD

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Swirling all around like a sickening bad peyotl trip or voodoo seance gone wrong, twisting, bending levels of consciousness like drowning in a whirlwind of dark dimensions, MITHRIDATIC envision and explore the realms of terror, misery, pain, suffering, disease, madness and nihilism, through menacing, both crushingly heavy and hyper-blasting drums, possessed vocals, lightning fast and razor-sharp guitar attacks and an apocalyptically rumbling bass low-end: a roller coaster of the most evil kind, from suffocating belows to breathtaking beyonds.

With influences ranging from José Mojica MARINS’ movies to Henri MICHAUX, Antonin ARTAUD and Friedrich NIETZSCHE’s writings, with gifted drummer Kevin PARADIS (SVART CROWN, live for MELECHESH, BENIGHTED, AGRESSOR…) and ultra-talented members, with a massive production courtesy of SAINTE MARTHE studio (ARKHON INFAUSTUS, DEHUMAN…) and a schizophrenic dissonant approach of blackened Death Metal, MITHRIDATIC release with “Miserable Miracle” a debut full-length that sounds like a bulldozer powered by rockets from Hell.

Nihilist, brutal, fast, twisted, incredibly heavy… devastating!

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