After they finished recording their sixth full-length, “Pathetic Divinity“, MERCYLESS started to work on the subsequent tours to support it, first with PUTRID OFFAL in November of 2016, then with AVULSED and SAVAGE ANNIHILATION in April of 2017. That’s when the idea of re-recording a classic track arouse to celebrate the second tour and release it as a split 7″ EP with AVULSED aroused. Said and done, the kvlt song “Without Christ“, a staple of the band’s set list and one of the very first ones they’ve ever written.

A couple months later, when they started working on the reissue of their classic 1993 album “Coloured Funeral“, MERCYLESS decided to continue on that path, re-recording a song from that said album, another song they’ve played live at quite every gig ever since the album’s release nearly 25 years ago, “Spiral of Flowers“.

That brand new rendition of one of MERCYLESS‘ fan-favorites is now available as a digital single and as a collector CD single, exclusively available as part of the “Mailorder Collector Edition” version of the “Coloured Funeral” reissue.

Follow me, now, servants.

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