After the release of 1993’s “Coloured Funeral” through Century Media Records, a long series of tours, festival appearances and gigs accross Europe with the likes of DEATH, GRAVE, MORGOTH, TIAMAT, UNLEASHED and more quickly followed for MERCYLESS.

Originally released in 2011 by Armée de la Mort Records as part of the two-CD set “In Memory of Agrazabeth” compilation and now reissued as the bonus CD of the “Coloured Funeral” reissue and separately for digital platforms, this brand new remastered version, titled “Live in Memory of Agrazabeth” made of two bootleg recordings from 1994 captures the very essence and real nature of a pure Death Metal band on stage at its best, with set lists based on their two cult first albums with no artificial overdubs or studio tricks, its fucks-up, its sheer brutality, its pure, genuine and true passion and dedication to its art.

Even with strange aeons, Death Metal will never die!

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