The item

320 kbps mp3 files and high-defintion PDF digital booklet including all artwork and credits.

The album

Divided and conquered, lost and lobotomized, brought down below and reduced to mental slavery, mankind is just but a zombie specie blindly led by blinded leaders soon to be left with only a field of ashes to lead: the battle for neverness has just begun, and it’s only the first step downward for the human cattle!

Featuring a previously unreleased song from DISOWNING‘s forthcoming debut full-length and four bonus 2015 demo tracks, produced by Sylvain BIGUET (ATARAXIE, TREPALIUM, IMPUREZA…), with artwork by HEADSPLIT Design (KREATOR, SKINNED, INSAIN…) and offered as a free digital EP, “Battle of Neverness” is the bitter and rough foretaste of what’s yet to come from DISOWNING.

Mankind has abandoned hope. DISOWNING will crush both.

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