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DEHUMAN “Graveyard of Eden” DIGITAL


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The item

320 kbps mp3 files and high-definition PDF digital booklet with all artwork, lyrics and credits.

The album

Fast and Epic Death Metal masters return with a raging second full-length!

Three years after the release of their celebrated debut full-length, Black Throne of All Creation” followed by no less than four European tours with, among others, MASTER and AGATHOCLES, Belgium’s DEHUMAN are back with “Graveyard of Eden”, a raging and ravaging monster of a second full-length produced at both Blackout (ENTHRONED, EMPTINESS…) and Sainte Marthe (ARKHON INFAUSTUS, PHAZM……) studios.

When “Black Throne of all Creation” was a brilliant mix of old-school Death Metal influences with a modern sound and feel, “Graveyard of Eden” multiplies the effect by 666: as fast as the fastest Thrash / Death (SLAYER, VADER…), as brutal as 90’s brutal Death Metal could be (early SUFFOCATION…), as catchy and addictive as a great band can be in terms of song-writing (early-PESTILENCE, DEATH, MORGOTH, early MORBID ANGEL…), DEHUMAN is definitely the best of both worlds and, as is, quite unique in its genre: old-school yet absolutely modern, raging, fast and brutal, yet so epic few are able to match the zillions of riffs, each faster than the previous, yet forming coherent and absolutely catchy tunes.

DEHUMAN are, despite their young age (they’re in their 20’s) and “Graveyard of Eden” is “only” their second full-length, definitely one of a kind in an ocean of clones and copycats plaguing the Death Metal scene: out of any trend: they’re upper class classic Death Metal of the best kind, with a personality of their very own and a collective talent in song-crafting few can pretend matching. Thunderous drums, heavy as fuck breaks, roaring bass, lightning fast guitars: everything here screams “RAGE!”. Beware, Eden, DEHUMAN’s the new Evil god and it’s after you, building your graveyard angel corpse after angel corpse!

Epic evilness just got a brand new name!

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