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ATARAXIE “L’être et la nausée” Gatefold 2x LP + TEST PRESS


  • Only FOUR copies available to the public
  • Includes both the regular vinyl (see below) and test press versions
  • 300 hand-numbered copies limited edition first print (regular vinyl)
  • double vinyl in 350g reverse board print gatefold sleeve
  • inside pockets flooded in black
  • includes FREE digital download of the album

Earn up to 374 Kredits.


Collector edition including both the regular vinyl version and one of the only four test press copies available to the public!

Made of past and present members of, among others, BETHLEHEM, FUNERALIUM, SORDIDE and VOID PARADIGM, ATARAXIE is the musical equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein’s creature: the assembly of rotting parts from several different cadavers (Doom Metal, Old-School Death Metal, Depressive / Suicidal Black Metal and everything dark, pungent and asphyxiating in between) nevertheless alive, oppressing the audience with suffocating heaviness, brutalizing the listener with crushing blasts of rage and deadly aggression, somewhere between the likes of ASPHYX, BETHLEHEM, COFFINS, EMPTINESS, EVOKEN or SKEPTICISM.

Rising its ugly head from the sewers it was conceived in at the turn of the millennium (2000), it’s only half a decade after its inception that the beast released its now cult debut, “Slow Transcending Agony” (2005), but since then, the pestilential monster has constantly evolved to become one of the leading forces in the realm of Doom / Death but with its own, unique approach of the style, releasing two more albums (“Anhédonie“, 2008 and “L’être et la nausée“, 2013) and steadily touring Europe and beyond ever since.

ATARAXIE is one of the leading forces of the Doom / Death sub-genre as a whole and “L’être et la nausée” already a classic monument of darkness and nauseating existential despair which the Xeno-Korporation is way more than proud to unleash as a double monolith on the blackest dark matter for the first time ever, obviously remastered for vinyl at the Conkrete studio (ANATA, DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS…) for an added dose of dark energy.

This 300 hand-numbered copies limited edition first print comes as a double LP housed in a 350g reverse board print gatefold sleeve with the inside sleeve flooded in black and each vinyl inside a black paper inner sleeve: a real double monolith of darkness!

Enter the procession of the insane ones!

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