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PESTIFER travel back in time to an age of disgrace.

Even though traces of the band dates back from as far in time as nearly 25 years ago (1998), it’s not until the second half of the ’00s that belgian technical SciFi Death Metalers PESTIFER started their recorded history with a unique demo in 2006 and the astonishing debut, “Age of Disgrace” in 2010.

Firmly rooted in the ’90s technical Death Metal scene and influenced by the likes of NOCTURNUS, ATHEIST or late era DEATH, the band took the scene by storm with their self-released debut soon after reissued by a short-lived label and remained unavailable ever since on physical format even though the band toured Europe supporting the likes of KATAKLYSM (2011), MALEVOLENT CREATION & KRISIUN (2012) and NILE (2013).

After the successful release of third album “Expanding Oblivion” in 2020, the Korporation is now proud to make this awesome debut available again at long last on June 3rd, 2022 as a deluxe DigiPak limited to 500 copies featuring revamped artwork and layout in the vein of the band’s most recent production and a high-quality remaster courtesy of world-famous producer Andy CLASSEN along with the band’s 3 track 2006 demo as bonus with preorders starting right away at this location.

Travel back to an Age of Disgrace getting this piece of classic technical Death Metal before it’s gone again!


PESTIFER "Age of Disgrace" deluxe reissue artwork
PESTIFER “Age of Disgrace” deluxe reissue artwork

Track List

  • Age of Disgrace
  • Contagious
  • Sleepless Century
  • Forsaken Flesh
  • Tentacles of Damnation
  • Mind Control
  • Betrayal of the Light
  • The Worm
  • Carcinogenic Matter
  • Involution Process
  • The Clue, the Lie and the Death
  • Wrested from Saturn [2006 demo bonus]
  • Carcinogenic Matter [2006 demo bonus]
  • Solstitium [2006 demo bonus]

Line Up

  • Jérôme Bernard – Vocals [album]
  • Olivier Putz – Vocals [2006 demo – RIP]
  • Antoine Paterka – Guitars
  • Emerson Devresse – Guitars [album]
  • Adrien Gustin – Bass
  • Philippe Gustin – Drums


  • Music & lyrics by PESTIFER
  • Age of Disgrace recorded & mixed by Jérémy Stoz
  • 2006 demo recorded by Olivier Gustin
  • Remastered by Andy Classen
  • Produced by PESTIFER
  • Artwork by David Caryn
  • Photography by Thomas Le Quan
  • Layout by Jérôme Bernard
  • Executive Producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP Records
  • All songs published by ALIEN FORCES publishing