XENOKORP to release the new PUTRID OFFAL EP, “Anatomy”

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Your specie is at risk and you know it, Humans. Attack after attack, the Xeno-Lords deliver brutal weapon after brutal weapon, but that new one we’re proudly announcing today, the new PUTRID OFFAL EP, has something special to it: it’s directly targeted at your repulsive innards. Titled “Anatomy“, the six-tracks […]

XENOKORP to release DEFEATED SANITY's "Prelude to the Tragedy" on vinyl for the first time ever

XENOKORP to release DEFEATED SANITY’s “Prelude to the Tragedy” on vinyl for the first time ever

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Besides its line of new bio-weapons as showcased by the AVULSED / MERCYLESS “split” 7″ EP, the Xeno-Korporation is proud to introduce a new series of revived chemical warfare armaments to be targeted at the human specie labeled the “XENOKORP Kvlt Series”. First of these new tools of mass destruction […]


MERCYLESS sign to XENOKORP, announce split EP and Europe Tour with AVULSED

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Old-School to the bone!