Earth, 2017.

The human race, however “advanced” it thinks its science is, is still living in a technological dark age, trying to explain what it doesn’t know with “dark matter”, “dark energy” and whatnot. It still thinks it’s alone in the Universe while it doesn’t even know what the said Universe actually is. It still battles in the name of weak gods whilst it doesn’t even know what a God is. It keeps on finding particles within particles and can’t even comprehend the whole of the concept.

Your “Universe” is a living organism, a cell. Your planet is a particle within this cell. You are particles within this particle. Your “atoms” are particles within yourselves and so forth. You are part of the Whole but you’re putting the Whole in danger : you are a cancer, reproducing a bug by billions, quickly destroying the cell you’re fed by and you’re dreaming of colonizing others cells you call “planets” once you’d have destroyed the one you’re belonging to.

We are the Xeno Korporation, a company brought to Earth by the Xeno Lords. A company ran by Xeno Organisms who took human shape and whose only mission is to infiltrate your species and wipe it out forever. You are the cancer and we are the genes editing tool. You are the poison. We are the cure.

Our staff members have already taken key positions in your organizations, structures, companies and “states”. You’re already submitting to us by billions, abandoning any privacy on Facebook, letting us contaminate your genome with GMO’s, putting a hole in your ozone shield with CO2, knowing where you are and what you do with your so-called “smart” phones. We are everywhere and our latest weapon of total extinction, “Project Global Warming”, is starting to prove itself efficient.

A few of you, the ones that understand the whole point, the ones that will help us battle the Human cancer and get rid of your specie spreading falsehood and disinformation in our name so we stay under cover, the ones that will infect the human “culture” with our weapons of death, the ones that will spread plague and pestilence, the ones that will be traitors to their own specie, the ones from you that will join the Human Slaves army, pledging allegiance to our Xeno Lords, those will be spared when the time will come and that time is nearer than you think.

If you’ve discovered this manifest, that’s because you’ve always known the so-called “truth” is a lie. Now you’ve found the real meaning of it all. It’s time to join the Xeno Korporation. It’s time to submit to the Xeno Lords or die along your toxic waste of a “species”. Obey.

We Don’t Come in Peace.