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Even more funerals after the plague

The Korporation is proud to announce it’ll release a 250 copies collector edition of legendary French unholy Death Metalers MERCYLESS’ 1993 cult second full-length album “Coloured Funeral” as a 180g heavy vinyl picture 12″ LP on November 19th, with preorders starting on Sep.13 at XENOKORP.com!

Soundwise, it’ll be the 2017 CONKRETE studio remaster (DEFEATED SANITY, INHUME, OTARGOS…) but with a deeper sound (heavy vinyl!) while packaging will consist in a “big hole” black “picture LP” sleeve with two full-color inserts, a “outdoor” vinyl sticker and a 1993 band picture postcard. 25 “mailorder collector exclusive” copies will come alongside an exclusive autographed test press copy of the album.


Track List

Side A

  1. Spiral of Flowers
  2. Mirrors of Melancholy
  3. Travel Through a Strange Emotion
  4. Forgotten Fragments

Side B

  1. Contemplations
  2. Agrazabeth
  3. Serenade (into Your Limbs)
  4. Naked Forms
  5. Beyond God

Total running time: 40:21

MERCYLESS "Coloured Funeral" picture LP
MERCYLESS “Coloured Funeral” picture LP


  • 250 copies limited edition 180g heavy vinyl 12″ picture LP in black “big hole picture LP” sleeve with bonus “outdoor” artwork vinyl sticker and 1993 band picture postcard [XKR005PLP]
  • 25 of the above as the “mailorder collector edition” with a autographed bonus test press copy of the album [XKR004PLPMCE]