GRONIBARD "Vroum!" [TOX006]


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  • Release date: January 31, 2012
  • Label: KAOTOXIN
  • Catalog #: TOX006


When preparing for the release of the “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” LP, the idea was to make sure the GRONIBARD fans not only get a special treatment with a full-length-worth of killer material, even including previously unreleased studio material, but also to make this a very special package for the die-hard Goregrind legends fans, thus came the idea of the “Vroum!” EP.

Featuring only two tracks and not even two minutes long, this EP nevertheless featured two even more silly material that whatever GRONIBARD ever released, namely a capella songs! The first one, mimmicks a cars race… a capella… with pitch-shifted vocals… The second “song” being a stripped-down version of the “Sale pute” album track with only the vocals and some guitars parts kept, everything else being removed from the original song for a… surprising… result.

These two tracks make for such a… strange… release that even the company that was manufactured the EP had to email the label to make sure the audio master files sent were the right ones as they thought it was “too experimental to be the thing to actually press”. Add to this the fact it got released as such an unusual “postcard flexi EP” (rectangular picture flexi EP), that most of the people that ordered it emailed the label back upon receiving their parcels, saying “I got a postcard with the LP but… where’s the flexi?”.

Cult as cult gets!

Track List

  1. Vroum! (a capella)
  2. Sale pute (a capella)
  • Total Running Time: 1:59

Line Up

  • Anal Capone – Vocals
  • Necronenbourg – Guitars & Vocals
  • P’tite Bite – Guitars
  • Albatard – Bass
  • Godemichel – Drums


  • 500 copies limited edition “postcard” picture flexi EP

500 got made in total, of which only 100 got bundled with the “gay” limited edition of the “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” LP, the rest being given away for various charities.

Release Dates

  • 31-JAN-2012: Worldwide release


  • All music and lyrics by GRONIBARD
  • Produced by Hubert Letombe at MIDNIGHT studio
  • Artwork and layout by Natachatte
  • Executive producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP
  • Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing