DISOWNING “Battle of Neverness”

  • Release date: May 11, 2018
  • Label: XENOKORP
  • Catalog #: XKR017


Divided and conquered, lost and lobotomized, brought down below and reduced to mental slavery, mankind is just but a zombie specie blindly led by blinded leaders soon to be left with only a field of ashes to lead: the battle for neverness has just begun, and it’s only the first step downward for the human cattle!

Featuring a previously unreleased song from DISOWNING‘s forthcoming debut full-length and four bonus 2015 demo tracks, produced by Sylvain Biguet (ATARAXIE, TREPALIUM, IMPUREZA…), with artwork by HEADSPLIT Design (KREATOR, SKINNED, INSAIN…) and offered as a free digital EP, “Battle of Neverness” is the bitter and rough foretaste of what’s yet to come from DISOWNING.

Mankind has abandoned hope. DISOWNING will crush both.

Press Quotes

Track List

  1. Battle of Neverness
  2. Another Piece in My Collection [2015 demo]
  3. Inner Emptiness [2015 demo]
  4. The Storm before the Storm [2015 demo]
  5. Human Cattle [2015 demo]
  • Total running time: 19:20

Line Up

  • Jesus “the Butcher” – Vocals
  • Peb – Guitars
  • Jérôme TOURINAN – Guitars
  • Adrien DIEU – Bass
  • Maxime PIRONNET – Drums


  • Digital [XKR017D]

Release Dates

  • 11-MAY-18 [Digital]


  • All music and lyrics by DISOWNING
  • Vocals recorded by Julien DESCHAMPS at AUTOUR DES CHANTS studio
  • Guitars and bass recorded by Sylvain BIGUET at NEW RETRO SOUND studio
  • Drums recorded by Fabien GUILLOTEAU at NOMAD AUDIO studio
  • Mixed and mastered by Sylvain BIGUET at NEW RETRO SOUND studio
  • Artwork by Rémy CUVEILLIER for HEADSPLIT design
  • Picture by FOCALPIX
  • Executive producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP
  • Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing