France, 2007: MITHRIDATIC is tearing its hymen, playing old-school Death Metal and brutalizing European stages with the likes of BELPHEGOR, SVART CROWN and more and releasing the “Dawn of Bitterness” and “Guillotine Supremacy” demos until the brainwave becomes a flat line in 2010.

Back from the dead in 2013, now with world-record-breaking drummer Kevin PARADIS (SVART CROWN and live for the likes of MELECHESH, BENIGHTED, AGRESSOR and many others…) beating the skins, MITHRIDATIC records a new demo, “The Hunt is On”, showcasing the band’s new direction focusing on darker and oppressive atmospheres and faster tempos, a vile and corrosive sick atmosphere before entering the studio in May 2015 to record their debut full-length, “Miserable Miracle“.

With its oppressive heaviness and its to-the-throat approach of nasty and twisted song-writing, the album gets them to embark an a full Europe tour with NILE and MELECHESH and appear at many festivals, proving the band is even more menacing live and their brand new “He Who Lies Underneath” live album will definitely prove everyone MITHRIDATIC is one of these very few bands able to create a really sickening atmosphere while on stage.


Line Up

  • Guitou – Vocals
  • Romain Sanchez – Guitars
  • Alexandre Brosse – Guitars
  • Remolow – Bass
  • Kévin Paradis – Drums