MASTER [band]


Legend among the legends, forefathers of Death Metal, MASTER got formed by frontman Paul Speckmann in 1983 in Chicago, USA (and relocated to Czech Republic in 1999) and have ever since became not only the cult act they are like many of other of Speckmann‘s bands and side-projects (ABOMINATION, DEATH STRIKE, KRABATHOR…), but also an unstoppable touring machine and a consistent source for great releases steadily unleashing killer albums one after the other.

Focusing on stripped-to-the-bone, almost rocking, Thrash / Death with an emphasis on grooves, catchiness and aggression with straight-at-the-carotid song-writing and great musicianship, MASTER are really a band of their very own since their very beginnings and the only act they can really be compared to when it comes to longevity, honesty, dedication and quality would definitely be an other legendary trio, MOTÖRHEAD, even though in a quite different style, Paul Speckmann definitely being to many of the Extreme Metal fans what late Lemmy Kilmister was to the Hard Rock fans: a timeless icon.


  • 2017 – “Decay into Inferior Conditions [split w/DEHUMAN – XenoKorp]
  • 2016 – “An Epiphany of Hate”
  • 2013 – “The Witch-Hunt
  • 2012 – “The New Elite
  • 2010 – “The Human Machine
  • 2007 – “Slaves to Society
  • 2005 – “Four more Years of Terror
  • 2004 – “The Spirit of the West
  • 2002 – “Let’s Start a War
  • 1998 – “Faith is in the Season
  • 1993 – “Collection of Souls
  • 1991 – “On the Seventh Day, God Created… Master
  • 1990 – “s/t
  • 1985 – “Unreleased 1985 album” [released 2003]


  • Paul Speckmann – Bass & Vocals
  • Alex Nejezchleba – Guitars
  • Zdenek Pradlovský – Drums