AD PATRES [band]


In days Metal scene is invaded with styles and bands where many value appearance over musicianship and song-crafting, it would be easy to forget that intensity and power are the roots upon which was built Death Metal. AD PATRES deals with refreshing the memory of amnesiacs.

The will to perpetuate the spirit of original Death Metal led legendary SETH drummer and founding member Alsvid (who also officiated in such legendary acts as ENTHRONED, <CODE>, FORNICATION…) to surround himself with cronies sharing this point of view. The intent is nowhere near making a tribute band or simply accumulating old-school clichés, but to bring in fresh blood, stirring up a hornets’ nest.

The first recording, released late 2010 and re-released in 2012 as a split-tape with American Deathsters WRITHING, produced by GOROD’s mastermind, allowed the band to quickly emerge, making big impression on the scene and led the band to play HellFest in 2011.

Unleashing torrents of ear-catching riffs at high tempo sustained by floods of blast-beats and double bass, AD PATRES provides its efficient and direct neck-breaking brutality on your numb ears and the success of their 2012 debut, “Scorn Aesthetics” (three reprints, “album of the year” on countless publications)  is the definitive proof if any was needed, of the band’s efficiency and power.

Does it work live? You bet! With tours and gigs with countless world-class artists such as MORBID ANGEL, CRYPTOPSY, KRISIUN, BROKEN HOPE, SINISTER and so many others and festivals requesting them all over Europe (Death Feast Open Air, M-Fest, Chaulnes Metal Fest, Muscadeath, Mass Deathtruction to name just but a few), AD PATRES proved themselves an unstoppable live force that’s definitely grabbing audiences by the throat each and every time they’re hitting the stage.

In 2014, they’ve even been the first and only Death Metal band to ever record a live session for France’s national radio network “Radio France” who by then had some kind of Peel Session show.

AD PATRES, which means “To the Fathers” in Latin, is a metaphor for “sending someone to the grave”, is without the shadow of a doubt, the new king of Death Metal from France. Dare you face it?


Line Up

  • Axel Doussaud – Vocals
  • Olivier Bousquet – Guitars
  • Pierre-Yves Marani – Guitars
  • Arnaud Pecoste – Bass
  • Alsvid – Drums

Past Members

  • Sébastien Brouchican – Guitars [“Scorn Aesthetics”]